Bioidentical Hormones New York

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Bioidentical Hormones New York

For most of human history, people have been obsessed with stopping the aging process. While many think that’s impossible, thanks to the use of bioidentical hormones in New York, more men and women are experiencing youthful vigor well into their middle ages. Elite Heath Center is the on the cutting edge of bioidentical hormone use in New York and they have helped countless people reverse the effects of getting older.

If you want to feel younger, stronger and more motivated than you have in years, Call Elite Health Center today and get started.

Our New York bioidentical hormone experts can help design a therapy and treatment program specifically for your needs based on a comprehensive evaluation given to every client. This evaluation tests the levels of human growth hormone, testosterone and other hormones found naturally in the body to determine which ones need a boost. 

The process of replacing hormones is nothing new, especially for the experts at Elite Health Center. The use of bioidentical hormones in New York can assist with a variety of issues in both men and women including the symptoms of menopause. The latest advances in hormone replacement have also led to the use of bioidentical hormones for men—the most common being HGH-rh and testosterone.  The results have been outstanding as many can feel the benefits very soon. The advantages of bioidentical hormone usage include:

  • More motivation to succeed
  • A boost in energy
  • Improved memory
  • Better sleep
  • Increased sexual performance
  • Easier to lose fat and build muscle 

The bioidentical hormones used at Elite Health Center have proven to get results in those who refuse to settle for mediocrity.

Some are fine with feeling old and tired even though they’ve got decades of life left to explore the world and enjoy life doing what they love. Bioidentical hormones in New York are compounds designed in a lab to mimic the same chemical and molecular organization of the hormones found naturally in the body. These compounds, when introduced in the body, behave in the same way as the natural hormones and give the body a much needed boost. It’s like spinning the hands on a clock back years or even decades so our clients feel young and vigorous once again.

When it comes to turning back the clock and fighting the aging process, only Elite Heath Center has the skilled health and wellness professionals who can help. The use of bioidentical hormones in New York is a proven method of anti-aging that can turn someone’s life around.

Call Elite Health Center today and get started with your unique treatment program. (646) 368-8170