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About Elite Health Center

Elite Health Center New York is the perfect place for those who will not settle for mediocrity. As one of the most advanced clinics for hormone replacement therapy in New York, Elite Health has helped countless individuals as they increase physical and sexual vitality, improve sleep, increase muscle tone, decrease body fat, sharpen mental acuity and decrease the risk of age-related disease. The skilled and knowledgeable professionals at Elite Health Center New York can develop specific programs geared towards optimizing hormone levels, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices for each individual. When someone trusts the Elite approach to fitness and vitality, they can turn back the clock and take charge of life once again. 

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Once you’ve started a unique hormone, fitness and lifestyle program designed by the experts at Elite Health Center New York, you have access to a dedicated team of health professionals including physicians, nutrition experts, exercise counselors and a Patient Services Coordinator who work together with you to ensure your transformation is safe and effective. After an initial evaluation which measures hormone deficiency and overall wellness, the team at your disposal will tailor a plan specifically for your needs and help you achieve your goals as quickly and aggressively as possible.


Thanks to the Elite standard of care, everyone who visits the specialists at Elite Health Center are in the best possible hands when it comes to hormone replacement therapy in New York. The team assigned to will offer regular monitoring of your program so it works best for you. Changes can be made as you progress to ensure you’re getting the most out of all the great therapy options offered by Elite Health Center. Additionally, you will have access, throughout your protocol, to our expert medical staff, service team and extensive resources—including in-person, phone and audio/visual contact with your Elite Health Team to answer questions and discuss progress.